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Welcome to HighContentReview.com

HighContentReview.com was created to provide a comprehensive resource center for phenotypic and high content screening (HCS).
  • is user oriented and driven by experts in the HCS field that contribute to content.
  • is corporation agnostic, with basic funding, sponsorship and advertising open to larger corporations that support the vision.
  • contains review articles, educational material, user comments, technical comparisons, and product listings in the field of HCS.
  • is the first place people go who are interested in learning about, purchasing, sharing, or looking for high content imaging and screening information, products, and trends.
  • users include research scientists, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, product managers, lab managers, software developers, statisticians, engineers, IT professionals, students, and academics.

About our Founders

Cindy Adams Hazuka

Cindy Hazuka has been a research scientist involved in large scale optical imaging since 1991.   Published under Cynthia Lynn Adams, Cindy has been on the frontier of high volume image collection, management and analysis during her entire career.  She most recently established the Berkeley Screening Center, an academic core facility for the UC Berkeley campus focused on genome wide siRNA high content screens.  Prior to that she spent 10 years at Cytokinetics focussed on building and using high-content imaging technologies during small molecule drug discovery and lead operations.  During her Ph.D. Cindy filled up many servers collecting multi-site time-lapse images to quantify protein assembly at cell-cell adhesion junctions using custom equipment and software in the laboratory of Drs. Stephen Smith and James Nelson at Stanford University.  Finally, Cindy spent a few years as a hands on technician running and analyzing experiments, and designing new equipment during the development of Affymax’s (now Affymetrix’s) gene chip technology.

Cindy’s vision is to create a place on the web that people can go to to quickly find answers and get new ideas about all issues related to phenotype and high content screening.  As someone who has been involved in the field for over 20 years, she felt this site has been long overdue and hopes that you find it a useful resource.

Mike Sjaastad

Mike has been a familiar and active member of the High Content Screening community for over a decade.  He learned cellular imaging technology during his doctoral and post doctoral research at UC Berkeley.  His research at Stanford University examined cell signaling and protein during T-cell activation.   As commercial technology developer, he helped lead the pioneering teams that created the Molecular Devices ImageXpress(TM) HCS imaging platforms widely in use today.

As a co-founder of highcontentreview.com Mike helped to build relationships with the HCS vendor community.  Collaboration between end-user and technology provider is extremely important.  Mike now participates as a general advisor and occasional contributor to HCR.

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